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The Association of Osteopaths of New Brunswick was Incorporated under the Companies Act #616834, 28th January, 2005, with a working board of Directors.
The AONB mission is to:
  • Promote and encourage the advancement and practise of osteopathy in New Brunswick.
  • Insure that its members posses the academic knowledge to practise osteopathy
  • Serve as an educational conduit for continued learning for its members
  • Support the Osteopath in their practise and to inform and protect the public
  • Engage in collaboration with Osteopathic Associations in Canada and abroad
  • Work in close collaboration with Insurance Companies in view to ensure the development of osteopathy in New Brunswick

AONB is guided by a Code of Ethics

There are three permanent committee’s:  
  • Competence for Admission committee
  • Post Graduate course committee
  • Disciplinary committee 

AONB is a member of the Canadian Federation of Osteopath

Founded in 2003, the CFO is the official national association for Osteopaths.  Its membership base consists of established provincial associations.  

Individual osteopathic practitioners are not members in the CFO, their voice and interests are represented by the respective provincial body.

International Osteopathic Healthcare Week
The following video from last year’s International Osteopathic Healthcare Week, gives a brief yet informative overview on the benefits of osteopathy.


Association of Osteopaths
President: Johanne Lavergne DO
Tel: 506-532-3619
E-mail: osteopathnb@gmail.com

Association of Osteopaths of NB Inc.
New Brunswick Canada